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We're Moving!

The Time is Upon Us!

MTN's Moving Dates are:


March 16th - March 31st


We will reopen April 1st at our new site.




Tours of our space (which is a work in progress) will start at the top of the hour from Noon-8pm during First Thursdays in NE Mpls on April 2nd.


31 year-old Minneapolis Television Network Announces Move to Thorp Building in NE Minneapolis

Opening new studio complex in April, 2015

Minneapolis, MN, December 18, 2014– The Minneapolis Television Network (MTN) has announced that it will be moving its studio-office complex to the Thorp Building, located at 1620 Central Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis’s central business corridor and managed by Bohm Commercial Real Estate. “As a creative media organization with a long history of serving the various communities of the city of Minneapolis,” said MTN’s executive director Michael Fallon. “We are excited to be moving to the vibrant ‘Nordeast’ neighborhood. The area has long been known both for its strong community spirit and for its creative and artistic assets, including studio complexes, bookstores, galleries, theaters, and so much more. We expect to fit right in with our surroundings and to become an essential part of Nordeast’s creative and expressive life.”


MTN’s overall mission is to empower diverse Minneapolis residents seeking to connect to the larger community through the media. Through the years, its studios have been the launching pad for such talents at Fancy Ray McCloney, the folks at Mpls.TV, Viva and Jerry Beck (of Viva and Jerry’s Country Music Videos), Mary Hanson (of the Mary Hanson Show), Ian Rands (of Drinking with Ian), a host of Somali TV producers, and many more. Set to open by April, 2015, MTN’s new studio center will feature two fully-equipped television studios (with cameras, lights, a green-screen, and so on), a special “Youtube” set up for quick studio productions, video editing suites, equipment rental room, a multipurpose classroom space, staff offices, and a generous public gathering space. Amid the various artists, arts organizations, and independent businesses located in the Thorp Building, MTN’s new Nordeast studios will be a go-to spot for all sorts of gatherings, events, and productions.

To support its move to its new studios, MTN will be conducting a diverse fundraising campaign that includes a massive Twelve-Hour Telethon Celebration, a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” party at the 612 Brewery, and much more. You can support MTN by becoming a member, making a donation, or getting involved in our fundraising events as a volunteer, performer/contributor, or donor (email paige@mtn.org for information).  


Stay tuned to this page for updates, speak peeks, and other information during the construction process. More details will be announced soon at mtn.org.



The Minneapolis Television Network
Your community media center

Located in the heart of Minneapolis, with studio facilities in the Saint Anthony Main business complex, MTN gives voice to every resident of the city and connects us to our community. We offer regular media training to anyone interested in harnessing the connective power of media to say something about the city we live in and love.

To this end, MTN broadcasts community-based, community-focused—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—on our three channels on the local Comcast Cable network. Each of MTN's channels has its own unique focus.

 Channel 16/Connect offers community affairs programming, news & information, public discussion, politics & government. 

 Channel 17/Create is home to cultural and educational programming made by local artists & creatives and by MTN's vibrant Youth Programs.

 Channel 75/Inspire features a diverse array of religions and spiritual programming from around the region.


MTN's community-focused programming is created by members of the community just like you.


For more information about our facilities, training, programs, and other services, please contact us today!

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