The Minneapolis Television Network (MTN) broadcasts community-based television programming on three channels on the Comcast Cable Network in the city of Minneapolis. Each of MTN's channels has its own unique focus.

Channel 16/Connect offers community affairs-based programming about Minneapolis and its region, including news & information, public discussion, politics & government.

Channel 17/Create is home to cultural and educational programming made by Minneapolis-based artists & creatives and by MTN's vibrant Youth Program.

Channel 75/Inspire serves local communities of faith by offering a diverse array of religious and spiritual programming from around the region.

MTN's community-focused programming is created by members of the Minneapolis community. By policy, MTN staff will schedule channel time to community television producers in a first-come, first-served non-discriminatory manner that maximizes fairness and diversity of expression and ensures that no person or group monopolizes channel time to the disadvantage of others. Subject to the policies and guidelines described in our Submission Guidelines, MTN will exercise scheduling discretion to ensure access for new channel users, stand-alone programs, series of limited duration, and special events.

MTN's goal is to ensure that residents and organizations within Minneapolis will have the highest priority in using the public access channels set aside for their benefit. MTN reserves the right to require additional training and or assistance to maintain a favorable aesthetic quality on its channels. If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about MTN's channels and programming policies, the MTN Programming office can be reached at 612-331-8575, x312.


Programming Documents:

LIVE Policy-Proposal(PDF)
Series Forms(PDF)
Stand-Alone Forms(PDF)
Submission Cards(PDF)
Submission Guidelines(PDF)