Tene Wells 

Executive Director


Tene Wells was selected to serve as the next Executive Director. As a true believer in Marion Wright Edelman's philosophy that "you can chnage the world if you care enough," Tene has been a catalyst for change throughout her career; Helping individuals, organizations and communities relaize their full potential. Her energy, compassion and vision have earned a reputation as a successful fundraiser, pacesetter, entreprenuer and leader. 

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Eboun Singhathip

Production and Office Manager


Eboun manages the Production and Office side of MTN. She coordinates production services with clients who are interested in community programming while tracking membership and bookkeeping for the organization.

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Doug Cain

Access and Checkout Manager


Doug, who has a strong passion for Minneapolis, the Mississippi River, and community media, is a long-time producer, staff member, and instructor with MTN. He also produces a world's music program at KFAI-FM and loves to be out in the plants, trees, birds, water, and other natural resources of Minnesota.

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Fanuel Tsehaye

Senior Media Producer


Promoting the power of community media to improve and educate diverse communities and individuals. Fanuel studied new media communication and possess over twenty years experience working on multi-media productions in photography, motion video, and graphics. Fanuel thrives on creativity and new ideas and has a willingness to collaborate and learn from others.


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Ollie Stench

Programming Manager, Master Control Manager


Ollie creates the schedule of programs that ultimately plays on each of the three channels and webstream. He also manages MTN's automated playback system (Master Control). Ollie is invested in helping members to share their stories with the tools MTN provides.

612-331-8575 x312 Email

Tajudin Hassan

Master Control Operator


Tajudin schedules and uploads shows to the video server.

Engineering and Network Administration

Nathan Mains

Network Administrator


Specialist in Human/Cyborg relations. This person likes computers.