Welcome to the Minneapolis Television Network! 

MTN is not an ordinary TV station.  MTN provides equipment, training and channel time to residents and non-profit organizations in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. 

MTN is one of the thousands of community television centers (also known as public access or community access television) in the United States.  Community television is fundamentally different than commercial television.  Commercial television stations must get as many viewers as possible to watch programs so they can charge a high rate for advertisements.  Community television centers do not allow advertisements or information about products or services.  Community television producers are free to play programs for any number of interested viewers.

Please feel welcome to make programs about anything you care about!

Many talk about the importance of the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, MTN does something about it!




MTN's rules and policies HANDBOOK for public access users is now available in one complete document. 

To learn more about how you can make use of the power of media in the community of Minneapolis—including information on Membership and Certification, Equipment Checkout and Facilities Use, Rental Rates and Late Fees, Programming Submissions and Scheduling Guidelines, and Membership Types and Their Benefits—please download the

MTN HANDBOOK: Public Access Rules and Policies.

If you're looking for answers to basic questions about our Public Access rules, you can also check out this:

MTN FAQs Sheet.

Finally, if you need to request an extension on Access equipment or facilities, or if you have discovered an issue with the Access equipment or facilities that you are using, here are two helpful forms:

MTN's Access Time Extension Form

MTN's Equipment and Facilities Issues Card